After almost five years of planning, fundraising, and overcoming many obstacles, the Construction of the EL PICHE EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX in the community of El Piche, El Carmen, Department of La Unión in El Salvador, finally began to take form with the initial groundbreaking ceremony on October 2019. This educational complex it the first of its kind in El Salvador and will house 500 students from sixteen surrounding communities. Once completed, this educational facility will be equipped for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, with the structure boasting two floors encompassing eighteen classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and administrative offices.

The complex will be situated on approximately 4,723.00 square meters and make use of the existing Casa de La Amistad Abel and Martha Díaz. The building itself will be approximately 2,411 square meters, with the project total amounting to $1,857,000.

Additionally, the project hopes to compensate for the lack of schools in the region and provide the children with academic foundation and knowledge as well as extracurricular activities not found in the community.
This first-of-its-kind effort is an example of how government, in partnership with private, corporate, and philanthropic entities can accomplish wonderful things.

It is extremely important for our organization to recognize the important role that our sponsors have played in the vision and execution of this life-changing project. Your commitment, leadership, and unwavering support will have a lasting positive effect on the people of El Piche for generations to come. On behalf of the entire Salvadoran El Piche Committee, thank you for helping us, change and transform lives.

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